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Laura Whitworth Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)

Welcome to Laura Whitworth Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Past Life Regre

Welcome to Laura Whitworth Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Past Life Regre

Welcome to Laura Whitworth Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Past Life RegreWelcome to Laura Whitworth Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Past Life Regre


Who Is Laura Whitworth?

Laura is a Level 2 Certified Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) and a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a Technique devised by the late Dolores Cannon which takes the client on a journey through past lives lived, in order to provide healing, closure and answers in this life. As well as being a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Laura is also the author of 'Prepare Yourself For Hypnosis - A Guide To Visualisation Mastery.' This short guide helps clients prepare for a past life regression session in order to ensure that their inner sight is strong prior to the session. Laura is also author of 'Raise Your Vibration For Ascension - A Guide To Help You Vibrate High!' which gives pointers and guidance for  people who are just waking up spiritually and finding out about Ascension. In her spare time Laura writes fiction novels for young adults. 'Isadora Stone and The Magic Portal' is the first in a series of books aimed at tackling disclosure topics for young adults.  'Isadora Stone and The Battle For Inner Earth' is the second book in the series and is out now.

All Laura's books can be found on Amazon Worldwide. 

Who Is Laura Whitworth?

Laura explains how she woke up spiritually and found Dolores Cannon

About laura whitworth (QHHT®)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Session


A 5 hour (QHHT®) Session with Laura is £195.

This includes a Life Review, The QHHT Session with Past Life Regression and Higher Self Questions and Bodyscan. Audio & Video Recording of the Session emailed on a Dropbox link to be downloaded within 5 days. 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT®) Session REPEAT CLIENT


For returning clients who want to explore more Past Lives, or review a specific past life in more detail.

This 4 hour session with Laura is £160.

It includes The QHHT Session with Past Life Regression and Higher Self Questions and Bodyscan. Audio and Video Recording of the Session emailed on a Dropbox link. 

Prepare Yourself For A Hypnosis Session


If you want to ensure that you can visualise to the level required before booking a session, Laura has written a short guide to build up the inner vision.

Prepare Yourself For Hypnosis - A Guide To Visualisation Mastery is priced at £4.44 and can be bought on Amazon.

Alternatively if you would like a signed copy, Laura also has copies for sale as well. You can request one via email.

Certified Practitioner of Quantum Healing (QHHT®)


what is quantum healing hypnosis? (QHHT®)


Life Review

The first part of a Quantum Healing Session is the Life Review. You will spend 2 hours taking Laura through your life to date. From childhood to where you are now giving details around any significant points in your life that affected you. Laura needs to know you as fully as possible in order to be able to gain all the answers to the questions that you have in the session. Laura will discuss with you your relationships including family, friends and partners. Laura will also fully explore any physical ailments that you have so she can direct the healing from the Subconscious.


Past Life Regression

The first part of the Hypnosis Session is the Past Life Regression. This part of the session lasts an hour. Laura will take you through one or two past lives within this hour. It all depends on how detailed the first past life is. Your Subconscious will show you your most relevant past life that you need to see to allow you to understand what it is that you are going through now. Laura will explore the past life in as much detail as possible within the hour time slot. She will also find out if any of the people you encounter in the past life are reincarnated with you in the life you are leading now.



Questions for the Subconscious

The final part of the session is where Laura will bring your Subconscious through. The Subconscious is also sometimes referred to as the Higher Self. In this part of the session Laura will ask your Higher Self which is on the other side of the veil, all of the questions that you have brought with you to the session.  The Higher Self has access to the knowledge of all the lifetimes that you have ever lived and can answer your questions. Laura will ask the Subconscious to perform a body scan to identify any areas within the body that need physical healing. She will also ask the Subconscious to provide healing for the physical body where this is required and appropriate. 



Things to do a week before

- Prepare a list of Questions to ask your Higher Self. These can be about physical health and well being. Questions around things that have happened in your life. What your purpose is here on Earth. Why you chose your parents (yes we all choose our parents!). Where you lived before you came to Earth. Anything at all you can ask your Higher Self as your Higher Self knows everything about you in every lifetime that you have ever lived.

- Practise Visualising. Hypnosis is deep relaxation of the physical body with an alert mind focussed through visualisation. You must be able to visualise things. If you are not sure whether you can visualise or not - You can buy my short guide 'Prepare Yourself For Hypnosis - A guide to Visualisation Mastery' from Amazon priced at £4.44. This gives you techniques to practice to develop the inner vision prior to an hypnosis session.

- Fill in Laura's Questionnaire and send it back to her so she knows how to tailor the session to fit your specific needs.

- Check out Laura's Youtube channel 'Laura Whitworth' for details on some of her sessions she has conducted. Also watch some of Dolores Cannons videos on Youtube and get a feel for what this incredible lady herself had to say about her work. 

Things to do the day before your session

1. Plan your route. You can park directly outside of Laura's house. 

2.Little to no caffeine the day before a session.  3.Little to no alcohol the day of the session.  

4. Get a good nights sleep the night before your session.

5. Re-read your questions and see if there are any you want to add.

Things to do on the day

- Set off in plenty of time so you are not rushing.

- No caffeine or alcohol on the day of the session.

- Don't forget your questions to ask your Higher Self!

- Feel excited! :-)

Things to do in the session!

 - Relax

-Allow your body to relax and your mind to drift and float.

- Give Laura as much detail as possible as to what you can see in your minds eye.

- Talk, then talk some more!

-Trust the process.

An example of a Quantum Healing Session with Laura

This lady had a fear of fire and a fear of water which was ruining her life. She also could not have things around her neck. So could not wear necklaces or clothes fastening around her neck. In this session we see where her phobias came from and deep healing is provided by the higher self

An example of one of Laura's Sessions in VLog format

Laura details a session of hers where her client spoke about the Ascension Wave of Love and Light. You can find all of Laura's videos on her Youtube channel 'Laura Whitworth'

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Supporting Fellow Practitioners to Expand our Voices


Laura was awarded 'Practitioner Of The Month' by Julia Cannon in November 2019 for the work she is doing with her Youtube channel.


Laura has started something truly inspirational. She is interviewing other QHHT practitioners from around the world. Doing this raises the overall   vibration and energy around the transformational work we're doing with   Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. –Julia Cannon 


"There's such power in  supporting one another. Laura's video interviews allow her and fellow  Practitioners to naturally raise the vibration and connections with their  audience. They accomplish this just by being their true selves. We expand our  voice when we share together." -- Kaya Wittenburg, QHHT Instructor


Check out Laura's Youtube channel for interviews with QHHT Practitioners all over the world! There are thousands of us! Wherever you are in the world - there is a Practitioner on your doorstep trained in the life changing technique of Dolores Cannon! Official Practitioners trained in the technique of Dolores Cannon will only conduct QHHT sessions face to face. Wherever you are in the world - there is an official Practitioner near you. Go to to find your local Practitioner. 

Another VLog from Laura's Youtube Channel

Check out Laura's Youtube channel 'Laura Whitworth' in order to watch all of her great videos which detail content of her sessions.

More Session Examples

You can watch more of Laura's QHHT Vlogs on her 'Laura Whitworth' Youtube channel.

Laura's Latest QHHT Vlog

Laura's Latest Video Log detailing a session where her client went into a life where they were a Mantis and a Guardian of The Universe in The Galactic Wars.

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